Syndicated Sales

Using syndicated sales resource is a highly cost effective way to reach your customers. Syndicated sales teams are a great way of obtaining truly flexible resource. Highly trained medical sales professionals spend an agreed percentage of their time discussing your product with your chosen customers.

Using Apodi's syndicated sales resources, you can select the product detail position and promotional duration that suits your priorities and budget. Whilst general practitioners will often be the primary target group for syndicated sales team, other healthcare professionals such as district nurses, practice nurses, dentists, pharmacists or secondary care doctors can also be built into the teams' scheduling. Our Apodi syndicated sales  teams are amongst the most experienced in the UK with an average of over 10 years medical sales experience. This means that they are highly skilled at generating industry leading recall, also achieving industry leading contact rates.

Our Apodi management team have great heritage in providing and managing syndicated sales forces, having been involved with syndicated sales teams since their inception some thirty plus years ago. This history brings a wealth of experience which we share with both our future and current clients. The  syndicated sales teams and management are fully integrated into the Apodi high performance management systems, driving the best customer outcomes and developing the individuals in the team. In summary Apodi’s syndicated sales teams can provide the impact and flexibility to meet both your budget and promotional needs and rapidly realise your local targets.