Multi-Channel Resource

In today’s world, previously established models of nationwide sales teams calling on customers face to face and delivering key messages doesn’t always accomplish the goals of an organisation. In fact, it is unlikely with an evolving and regionalised NHS, that the same solution will be used in any two environments at the same time.

Customers' behaviours are also evolving with many more choosing to communicate in different ways and via different mediums than ever before. Companies, therefore need to adapt their strategies and resource requirements in each locality, and with each customer, to achieve their goals and then be prepared to change this strategy as the market access conditions change. By utilising a multi-channel solution, your business can adapt quickly and effectively to any local environment.

Our multi-channel solutions integrates face to face contact, tele-detailing, e-detailing and e-communication. We can work with you to build models of interaction with customers that optimise your brand and then find the most appropriate personnel to deliver these interactions. Flexing your resource types over multiple suppliers can be complicated. Our range of offerings can simplify your contracting processes and increase your flexibility and your speed of response to local conditions. Apodi has extensive experience of using multi-channel resource to promote pharmaceutical services to the NHS.