Tiered Clinic Services

Apodi provides clinic services which may typically involve activities such as audit, therapy initiation or review, medicines optimisation, patient education and tele-health follow up.

Apodi is highly experienced in the development of clinic services to meet NHS, patient and disease management requirements. Our flexible clinics programmes can be adapted to meet the varied needs of a patient cohort, therapeutic area and locality. A number of our programmes will provide a “one stop shop” for patients where they will undergo a full triage service, education session and if required can be referred to an on-site specialist immediately for further evaluation and care plan development. Patients will also be followed up with a tele-health component to ensure their care plan recommendations are being carried out, answer any questions they may have and support them to get the most out of their medicines. Apodi clinic services have treated over 30000 patients to date and have high levels of patient satisfaction with 95% of patients rating the clinic they attended highly beneficial.  In a recent programme, 98% of patients also reported that they were confident they knew what to do if their symptoms got worse and a “net promoter score” of 94% was achieved.


Here at Apodi we are very proud of our clinics and our ability to achieve better patient outcomes and have better healthcare experiences.