Education Support Services

Apodi delivers educational programmes to both healthcare professionals and patients and carers.

The ability to educate differing audiences can be key to the success of treatment and protocols. Apodi can provide education services to healthcare professionals enabling them to understand the complexity of a product, disease management issues or the treatment protocol. Patients and carers too, will often need educational support to understand their diseases, their treatment options and what lifestyle choices they can make in order to  improve the quality of their lives. Apodi has a long history in supporting patients and their carers in understanding their disease and how to manage it most effectively. We have run educational programmes in multiple disease areas with over 30000 patients and have patient experience data which shows patient satisfaction at over 95%.

"Every aspect of COPD was explained to me very clearly. It is comforting that I am doing almost everything correctly. Now I can take the advice to correct the small things that I wasn’t doing so well. It was very helpful to have a follow-up from first diagnosis. The nurse was extremely kind and caring."

" A full explanation  was given on the way inhalers work and how to use them. I felt very comfortable in opening up to staff and pleased that support was available if needed."