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Adherence and Patient Support Services

Adherence and Patient Support Services

The best healthcare outcomes are influenced by the patient's adherence to the therapy and the disease management programme prescribed.  Apodi's patient support services are designed to help both healthcare professionals and patients achieve the best possible outcomes.

Improving patient compliance and adherence has always been a challenge. Research suggests that 50% of long term therapy is not adhered to in the developed world. The reasons for non-adherence can be emotional, physical, psychological, cultural or religious. Outcomes may be influenced by the delivery methodology, the supply chain and the patient’s awareness and education. Therefore supporting patients in a multi-dimensional and tailored way is fundamental to achieving the best outcomes.

At Apodi we aim to design programmes to support patient adherence and education by understanding the issues and challenges in a therapy area and patient population. To do this our programmes are carefully researched in consultation with industry leading experts. Our nursing staff are recruited to an exacting brief and are then aligned with the right technology and management support to deliver the support services to the patients.


Full measurement and evaluation is a key component of our programmes.