IntegratedCare Clinics

Apodi IntegratedCare Clinics (ICCs) provide the mechanism for Companies to offer a value added service that meets the DH and NHS agenda resulting in:

  • Improved patient outcomes
  • Improved patient experiences
  • Efficiencies and savings to the NHS in overall Healthcare spend

By bringing the Patient and the most appropriate Healthcare Professional together in a Primary Care setting, beneficial outcomes for the patient can be quickly achieved. The patient sees only who they need to see, saving them numerous visits to different NHS agencies and potentially saving the NHS money in referral and appointment costs.

IntegratedCare Clinics include Group Education Sessions which is for many patients, their first experience of disease specific education and is a pioneering facet of the programme. Education is proven to increase a patients’ ability to self-care and improve adherence.


The Apodi IntegratedCare Clinic (ICC) Review Programme in Dementia provides CCGs and GP Practices with increased and redesigned capacity to expertly meet the growing care needs of patients suffering with Dementia.

  • ICC is integrated which means it runs alongside and works with existing services;
  • ICC is outsourced which means the CCG and GP Practices maintain complete control and responsibility for the programme
  • ICC is bespoke which means it provides Consultant Specialist Patient Reviews but with no direct additional referral costs
  • ICC is designed to effectively meet all Dementia related QOF indicators and be fully NICE, COF, DES and JSNA compliant
  • ICC is targeted which means it is provided only where there is need
  • ICC is financially sustainable which means it’s delivery costs provide value to the NHS when compared with the cost burden of dementia and enable the reallocation of resource and reduction in capacity constraints

Benefits of the Apodi Review Programme in Dementia:

  • Enables a GP Practice to manage the screening of a potentially large cohort of patients more effectively enabling reallocation of resource e.g. undiagnosed Dementia screening initiatives
  • Brings specialist Healthcare Professionals to the Practice for patient review leading to improved Patient Outcomes
  • Working with Secondary Care Consultants and Local Experts in Dementia promotes long term relationships 
  • Educational opportunities for Practice Healthcare Professionals and GPs enhancing personal development
  • Designed to relieve the Dementia burden and increase Practice  opportunity to achieve  QOF and other targets
  • Patient Reported Experience Measures (PREM) PREMs feedback to enable quality and service improvement reviews


Click here to link to the profile of one of the Specialist Consultants, based in the Leicester area, who is involved in IntegratedCare Clinics.