Patient Experiences

Improving patient outcomes and their treatment experience is fundamental to everything we do at Apodi. We have treated over 30000 patients in a wide range of clinical settings with very positive feedback.

We have a wealth of positive feedback from patients. Here are some recent quotes taken from our patient experience questionnaires:

"I have learned more about AF."
"The clinic allowed a good review of my tablets and they gave me recommendations regarding my present condition and ability."
"The professionalism of the staff and the clarity of the information at the clinic was excellent."
"I found out a bit more about the blood thinner I am on. The nurse in the clinic was excellent, I couldn't have asked for anyone better."
"Some useful, relevant information received. Good Presentation, very helpful and reassuring.  Nice to meet others with the same general problems."
"The educational talk was very informative and gave up to date information on the  effects of diet, life, stress etc. They also mentioned new drugs and the potential side effects."
"All the checks done at the clinic were satisfactory, which was very reassuring."
"All made very clear and the nurses were very pleasant."
"Attending the clinic gave me more knowledge about my medication and the risks of my condition."
"The Apodi clinic was fast and efficient.  There was no messing about, waiting or queuing. Can't beat it!"
"The talk made me review my own lifestyle (diet in particular). My blood pressure was checked. I was able to talk to the doctor about the irregular heart beats I get."