Coaching & Development

There has never been a more important time than now for organisations to really focus on developing their people to optimise both their peoples' and their organisations performance.  Against the backdrop of the constant changes and restructures within the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare industry it is essential that people are fully equipped to be able to meet the challenges that you and they face.  We can support you in a variety of ways:

  • Outsourced Training and Development Service
  • Coaching Service
  • Specialist Training Programmes

Virtual Training and Development Service

You may have a need to provide the training and development support to your organisation but may not be in a position to sustain the costs of a dedicated training function.  By using our Virtual Training and Development Service you get the full range of Training and Development of support that you can tap into as and when you need it.


Coaching Services

Achieving and sustaining high performance can be easy if you have the right support in place.  At Apodi we have a team of specialist coaches who can work with you to meet your coaching needs.  Whether it’s your executives, your own coaches, your managers or specific individuals who could benefit from being coached, we have a solution to fit your specific needs. Our highly experienced coaches will follow a tailored three step approach, working on a one to one basis with individuals to accelerate success and ensure they gain the maximum benefit.


Specialist Training Programmes

Given our extensive experience of Pharmaceutical and Healthcare training and development we have a comprehensive library of programmes that will meet your needs together with a trainer network that is second to none.    Whether its full on programmes or bite sized chunks we can help you with your training and development needs.  If we don’t have it developed we certainly can develop it for you so please speak to us about your specific needs.