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Life at Apodi

Life at Apodi

To demonstrate what our employees really think here is a selection of quotes taken from our annual employee satisfaction survey.

The commitment and dedication Apodi staff deliver to clients, patients and to each other is truly amazing.  We aim to give people a sense of belonging in a fun high performing team environment. We want everyone to have the opportunity to innovate, to be managed and lead by experienced managers and to have clear goals and objectives.

“I am proud to work for Apodi. In my team we have a good balance between working hard and having fun”
“Overall I think Apodi is an excellent place to work, which is to be commended.”
“Happy, open and honest environment and not inhibited to put ideas forward for consideration.”
“Great company, people and products to work with on every level.”
“One of the best companies I have worked for.”
“Apodi is a great company to work for.  At Apodi I feel they always go the extra mile to accommodate your needs. They work efficiently and effectively. Working at Apodi is like a family always doing their best to keep you happy. Communication, the drive and enthusiasm outstanding.”
“Generally a happy place to work. A great team of people all around. I’m very happy, Apodi is an inspiring company and it's a pleasure to be part of it.”
“Having recently joined Apodi from the NHS I feel fully supported and valued. I enjoy working within the continually changing healthcare environment as the changes and developments are managed efficiently and effectively by my manager and the team above.”
“100% happy with Apodi”